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What is CBD?

Are you curious about CBD?

Many people are starting to test using CBD based on everything that they've been hearing.  Often times, the CBD is over the counter, meaning you don't need to get a medical marijuana card or see a doctor about it.

Floridians are reporting incredible results upon using CBD. Whether it's sublingual CBD (ie drops under your tongue), CBD Capsules, CBD cream, CBD lotion, or even CBD edibles and CBD gummies, its important to remember that its still new and you want to make sure you trust who you're buying it from.  Gas stations, food stores, online, and even friends may be selling it.  Make sure you do your research so you can have confidence in what your buying.

CalmEffect gets asked about CBD frequently and for recommendations. Although we don't make or sell CBD ourself, we want to make sure our friends are buying from reputable companies.

We recommend Green Roads.  They're an award winning company that's Florida based.

We like the fact that they have been featured in the news (positively) and have a strong customer service team.

They have a rewards program for customers and..

CalmEffect customers get 10% off! Use code: CALMEFFECT10

Their CBD products include the following:

CBD Oils

CBD Gummies

CBD Capsules

CBD Topicals

CBD Gummies

Gummies are enjoyable way to consume CBD.  Sometimes fruity, other times sour, you have a variety of strength to choose from



For longer lasting relief, drops under the tongue are a common way to consume



CBD Capsules

Gel caps make for a rather easy way to digest.  Swallow with some water and you'll be on your way!



CBD Topicals

Applying cream to specific parts of your body may be the better way to go to isolate the problem of need and find relief.