Cannabis Delivery on the Rise

Cannabis Delivery on the Rise

Cannabis Delivery on the Rise

Cannabis Delivery on the Rise - Delivers What Patients Need

At this point in time the number of medical marijuana patients who legally hold cards in around 58,000. Naturally this is demand, one would expect that the state of Florida would want to accommodate these consumers by opening dispensaries to serve the people. However with some of the moratoriums and bans in counties regarding legal sales of cannabis, there has to be another way to deliver products to those who need it. Luckily for them, there are door to door marijuana delivery services provided by these dispensaries that save the day.  Cannabis Delivery on the Rise to meet this demand.

Currently Florida has about 28 dispensaries throughout the state that offer brick and mortar locations for patients to come in and choose products while also getting educated on certain strains. But of the 100 or so communities, like Fort Myers Beach and Estero, who are facing delays or are straight out banning these facilities opening, they don’t have this easy access. The main providers of medical marijuana in Florida, companies like Surterra and Trulieve, are helping bridge the gap by having trained professionals who work in the dispensaries bring pre-ordered product to the patients.

The delivery option is an essential part of the cannabis industry at this point, and these dispensaries aim to have this service be as inconspicuous as possible. The delivery cars are unmarked and patients receive their cannabis in their homes. This not only protects the patients' privacy and security, but supports those communities that have not embraced the cannabis movement as of yet. In addition, quality control is a must in this industry, and those who deliver medical marijuana are not only highly educated on the subject, but have gone through extensive background checks and are not users of medical marijuana themselves. These employees have to adhere to the state regulations and submit to random drug screenings regularly as well.

For the most part, all dispensaries have delivery options, so patients who can’t get to them physically are able to order their medicine either online or over the phone for convenience. Remember that patients are only allowed a certain amount of product per visit.




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