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Given limitations on the ability to do research, scientific results are tough to find.  That said, many are reporting about the successes of their findings. Medical marijuana can work differently for individual people.  We’ll continue to gather info when we find it.

Although CBD can help with epileptic seizures, studies have found that whole plant remedies (that include THC) can be more effective at reducing the frequency of seizures.  Read more from Marijuana Moment.

A number of new scientific research studies are discovering that cannabis may be an effective treatment for symptoms of some mental disorders. Scientific tests are being launched to understand how CBD might be able to provide relief to patients. The goal is to find a safe treatment for illnesses.

Studies are finding that not only are seniors taking many medications, but they may also be able to replace pharmaceuticals with cannabis.  Many ailments, like cancer and Parkinson’s have symptoms that are effectively being treated by cannabis.

A recent Forbes article details a study showing that CBD might help the brain reset the symptoms of psychosis.  The exact causes of psychosis are not known, but some believe that it can be triggered by any of mental illness, trauma, substance abuse, extreme stress, and potentially even a  lack of sleep.  It was a small study, and a larger one is being conducted to validate findings.