Bong Water Cleaning

Bong Water CleaningBong Water Cleaning

Bong Water Cleaning - Is it Necessary?

Smoking medical marijuana out of a dirty bong, water pipe, or rig is a recipe for a disaster and lung infection. Here’s how often you need to change your water and clean your piece.  Learn more about bong water cleaning.

Dirty bongs, water pipes, and oil rigs can make you sick! Inhaling dirty bong water can deliver ashy resin, fungus, bacteria, and other potential pathogens right into your lungs. This increases your chances of developing a pulmonary infection, which is certainly not fun for anyone. Fortunately, this problem has a simple solution: bong water cleaning.  Here’s how often you should do it.

Bong Water Cleaning - How Often Should You Do It?

Heavy medical marijuana users should change their bong water at least daily.  In addition, running some boiling water through your dry pipe or bubbler before use each day can limit ash remnants and potential pathogens so you aren't drawing them into your lungs.  If you are a flavor enthusiast, you may wish to consider changing your water (or cleaning your device) before use between strains as well.

For the daily consumer, this may seem like a lot of work, but it is well worth the effort to keep yourself from getting ill.  Casual users should simply engage in bong water cleaning or apparatus cleaning after each use so that it is ready to go the next time you go to use it.  Make sure you let everything dry before storing it away to avoid any mildew or mold growth and always use fresh water each time.

At the bare minimum, daily consumers should do bong water cleaning every two to three days.  In warmer/drier climates, folks may be able to wait as long as a week but it is not recommended.  Heavy users are also encouraged to clean their bongs with alcohol and salt 3 to 4 times a month to reduce resin buildup that cannot be flushed out with hot water alone.

Signs Bong Water Cleaning is Needed

  1. If you’re grossed out by a dirty looking bong, follow your nose. If a bong smells bad, it is well past due for a cleaning and a water change. When you get to this stage, cleaning your piece with alcohol and salt is recommended.
  2. Has your bong water gone from clear to brown? Does it have floating particles of stuff inside of it? Some discoloration in your water will occur with any use. However, the darker the color and the dirtier the bong or water pipe, the greater the risk of lung infection.
  3. For optimal smoking experience and optimal health, it’s best to avoid smoking from devices that contain substantial resin buildup.  Resin buildup inside a bong is often charred, drastically distorting the flavor of the resin and whatever bud or concentrate you happen to be smoking.  The remnants of charred plant matter or resin can act as a starting point for molds and mildews which can be dangerous.
  4. While some bacteria and fungi are beneficial, the kinds that grow inside of a bong do not belong in your lungs. To play it safe, do not smoke out of any sort of water device that contains molds or mildews. It’s best to avoid smoking if your device contains:
    • Pink discoloration
    • Fuzzy white or gray molds
    • White speckled powder
    • Black discoloration or speckles

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