7 Options for More Relief

7 Options for More Relief

Chronic Pain, Stress, and Anxiety are Getting in the Way of Enjoying Life – 7 Options for More Relief

Did you know that there are many options available that you could consider? Some might be known, others may be a little crazy, and others may be something that you’ve always thought about.   Here are 7 options for more relief in your life

Natural Remedies

From oils to herbs to chanting, there is no end to things you can try to take your health to the next level. Exploring alternative medicines has led to longer lives and happier existences. We want to talk about this option first because it’s our specialty! Here at CalmEffect, we are uniquely qualified in connecting people with licensed medical doctors to recommend medical marijuana for patients. We have worked with over 35,000 patients in Florida alone and are now qualifying patients all over the United States.

Just $99 for a doctor’s appointment! At CalmEffect. You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for an appointment. We want it to be more affordable! Compare our prices to others! You save with CalmEffect. And with our industry-leading customer service, we help walk you through the process to make it easy for you! There is no better time to do something for yourself. With CalmEffect, you can begin a journey to a new life. It’s possible to live life with more freedom and you can do so naturally. CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO on ways to consume medical marijuana, many may just surprise you! CONTACT US HERE if you have more questions.

Here are six more of our 7 options for more relief. Compliment your natural medications with any one, or many of, the following:


Yoga is one of the most popular ways to help keep your mind and body healthy and thriving. With so many different styles of yoga it’s almost impossible to get bored. It relieves stress, helps you sleep better, and has even been known to improve your sex life. MORE ON YOGA


Need a break from your hectic life but don’t have enough money to hop on a plane to paradise? Meditation teaches you how to unplug and reboot, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Perfect for those who are experiencing burn out or feel stuck in their lives. The continued practice has led to some astonishing results. MORE ON MEDITATION

Chiropractor Care

Getting regular adjustments by a chiropractor can not only help heal your aches and pains but can also reduce the chance of having health problems in the future. MORE ON CHIROPRACTIC CARE


This ancient method of holistic medicine has been used for thousands of years to open up the avenues of energy throughout one’s body, thus allowing for natural healing. Acupuncture can be used for a number of ailments and awakens the chi. MORE ON ACUPUNCTURE


Crystals are said to harness a natural vibration that has been used in so many different kinds of healing approaches. Some stones are more of a conduit than others for certain types of people, while others are universally revered as energy sources that can provide mental clarity, abundance, and a balanced life. MORE ON CRYSTAL HEALING


Reiki is an ancient, hands-on healing process by professionally trained practitioners who use a non-invasive light touch throughout different points on the body that promotes a calming experience. Reiki is used for a variety of reasons, including to heal chronic pain, migraines, and anxiety. MORE ON REIKI

*Please check with your doctor before partaking in any new exercises, lifestyle changes, or consuming natural or other medications.